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For a radiant healthy skin which glows and appears smoother and less wrinkled, use our Men's wash mitt. Exfoliation helps smooth over fine lines and adds luster to your skin. Our Men's Wash Mitt is ideal for medium to firm exfoliation and made slightly larger to accommodate a man’s hand. As it tends to dry out the skin, you should rehydrate liberally after rinsing, with creams or body butters. Hand crocheted from natural twine.

Additional information

Instructions: For a gentle exfoliation use when dry before a shower. Exfoliation should be done weekly to fortnightly only
Warnings: This is a natural fibre and will turn mouldy if not permitted to dry properly.

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    Very scratchy, but in a good way

    I’m not really a guy that exfoliates. I hate doing it for my partner when she needs help. But after years of not listening to her about dry, old skin causing my shoulders, upper arms and back to feel dry and itchy, I thought I’d get this (because I was looking for skin lotion to either replace or supplement the E45 cream). You know, it actually worked and we really quite well. The areas that get really dry and itchy aren’t anymore after just over a week. You use it when you’re dry, before getting in the shower. My fingers tend to go through the gaps in the weave sometimes, but I’ve learned to scrunch them up a bit for grip. To be blunt, yes, it’s like rubbing very dry straw rope on yourself, but again, it works and with much, much less lotion there’s virtually no itching from dry skin. I guess exfoliation works. And I found this mitt nice as you just slide it on, rub it over the dry areas and then get into the shower. I'm not an expert, so take the advice with a grain of salt, but it's easy and quick enough for me to do before each shower. Simple, easy and effective. And I did get a good laugh when I said it was just to clear the rough off around the muscles. A good, long laugh.



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