new to rain this season

this season we invite you to indulge in the memories of Christmases past with the warm comforting scent of citrus and the luxurious touch of velvet. our exclusive range of gift items for Christmas 2020 incorporates handcrafted, trendy gift sets and innovative pamper products.

limited edition bags

beautiful, functional and innovated bags for everyday use.

glitter & bubble balls

all natural bath bombs with a touch of theater and lots of bubbles! introducing our glitter butter balls with biodegradable glitter and our foam bath bubble balls!

shampoo and conditioner bars

long awaiting and now available! our natural range of solid shampoo and conditioner bars in fresh citrus and much-loved biologie fragrances.

solid burner oils & glitter glycerin soaps

innovative concept for having a delightful burner oil in your home with much less fuss. these burner oil bars melt when heated giving of this enticing aroma and solidifies when cool.

generously sized glycerin soaps with biodegradable glitter to add a touch of sparkle to your season.

gift sets that will light up your night

beautifully handcrafted gift sets incorporating a selection of our delightful Christmas products. sure to bring cheer to any occasion.

proudly eco-ethical

We are proud to be one of the few companies in the beauty industry that is both World Fairtrade Organization and Beauty Without Cruelty accredited.


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