men's range

Rain is proud to present a dedicated skin and body care collected which is formulated especially for guys.
The G Range, where G stand for every great guy word you can think of: Gentleman, Gallant, Groomed, Geared,.....
Your natural alternative to mainstream male grooming products. This collection includes a Rain exclusive – the Shaving Milk. Sensitive skin will love it!

interesting ingredients

aloe ferox

Used traditionally by the Xhosa people of the Eastern Cape region for healing wounds, relieving the sting of insect bites and as a soothing, cooling gel for excessive sun exposure and burns.

cape chamomile

The beautiful blue essential oil of this plant soothes, heals and relaxes.


The baobab is known as the “tree of life” because there are so many uses for every part of it, from the root to the leaves. The trees can live for 1,000 years and the trunk can reach a diameter of 25 m.



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