Our Biologie range is proudly eco ethical, formulated using organically certified botanical ingredients and organically wild harvested plant oils and extracts. A skincare range for those who care what they put into and unto their bodies. The Biologie products are biodegradable, environmentally-friendly specialized products designed to care for hair, feet, body and hands.

interesting ingredients

marula oil

The regenerative properties of Marula oil have been recognized by the people of southern Africa for generations. The oil is widely used as a hair and skin conditioner and to reduce stretch marks in pregnancy.

kalahari melon

This moisture-laden and highly nutritious fruit has been crucial to the survival of the San people of the Kalahari Desert for thousands of years. The San can live for up to six weeks drinking solely from the melon’s juicy flesh and chewing its nutrient-rich seeds.

mongongo nut oil

The !Kung Bushman of the Kalahari use this fruit as a skin cleanser and moisturizer and for the protection it affords against the harsh desert environment.



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