our beginning

In Africa, rain means life.
The arrival of the first rains after the long dry season are celebrated with thanksgiving. When the rains come, the rivers fill, grass grows, herds fatten and prosperity blooms.
So profound is Africa’s gratitude for rain that the African Sotho tribe say “Khotso, Pula, Nala” (Peace, Rain, Abundance) in their traditional greeting. This ancient blessing reflects the spirit that drives our business.
Our ethic is one of peace, provision and giving. 

our founder

Rain was started by Bev Missing in August 1999 in Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State (a small rural village on the Lesotho border). It grew from one person making soaps in a
garage to what it is today: an international proudly South African luxury bath and skincare care brand.
Bev is a fervent animal lover and has been a vegetarian for 36 years. She is also passionate about helping people and creating hope. She derives her greatest pleasure from helping someone get on their feet and improve their circumstances in life, and sees herself as a giver and a doer. She has a large and challenging vision for the Company and dedicates her time and energy in pursuit of that goal.

our roots

Our roots lie in manufacture as that was the vehicle through which Bev could create employment opportunities for the underprivileged. We were initially a manufacturing wholesaling company before opening our first Rain branded store in 2005. The concept soon took off and further stores have been opened since then including international stores in Ireland and New York.
As far as products go, at our core we are African and we search out the rich, ancient pharmacopeia of tribal Africa to incorporate into our skincare products. We also proudly seek to showcase Africa to the world. The reason Rain came into existence was to provide jobs, skills and hope to people living in desperate poverty, particularly women and the disabled. Our production cycle is deliberately low-tech and labour intensive. Our products and packaging are hand-made by trained crafters. We support small local suppliers and producers. Our wild ingredients are sustainably hand-harvested by women living in remote areas of Southern Africa where economic opportunities are almost non-existent.
We are the only Southern African beauty and body product company which is accredited by both Fair Trade in Africa and the international Fair Trade body in Europe.  

we believe

That people are precious and everyone deserves a chance at a meaningful, fulfilling life. We aim to make a difference in the world, offering opportunities to the disadvantaged and improving lives and whole communities in a lasting way. We put our core beliefs into action by:

  • Providing training for those who have not had the opportunity to learn marketable skills, helping them earn a sustainable living, ending the destructive cycle of poverty and  changing their lives for the better and for generations to come. 
  • Providing opportunities for people of all races and ethnic groups. Also providing opportunities for people with disabilities.
  •  Offering high quality products made from the finest raw materials in a sustainable way.
  •  Forbidding animal testing for any of our products or our raw ingredients and components 
  • Supporting local small industries and the people who work there. 
  • We have a policy of under promising and over delivering, value-added products with the best possible ingredients, value added service, and a value-added experience in our stores.