essential oils

Aromatic plants produce fragrant essences in their sensory cells which could be in the leaf, bark, root, flower, skin, fruit, seeds etc. These are the essential oils – the aromatic heart, life force or soul of the plant from which medicinal and healing properties can be derived. From sweet jasmine to citrus lemon, our essential oils can be used as massage mediums, burner oils or for their medicinal properties.

interesting ingredients

clanwilliam cederwood

This tree is exceptionally high in natural sesquiterpenes which deliver oxygen directly to the skin cells, promote circulation and help eliminate toxins.

egyptian jasmine

This fragrant flower has been credited down the ages for its calming and restorative effects. The oil is prized as an ingredient in many perfumes and also as a treatment for dry skin.

cape malva

The essential oil from this plant has a very unique fragrance and is commonly referred to as Rose Geranium. The Cape Malva is the signature scent of our Aloe range.



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