earth eggs

Fizz balls with attitude! These egg-shaped fizz balls are covered in flower leaves and plants and have a liquid oil center to moisturize

interesting ingredients

morrocan rose

This highly-scented rose was originally cultivated in the Daddes Valley in Morocco for dried flowers and rosewater. In the 1940’s the French built distilleries in the area to produce rose oil which has been widely used in perfumery and skin care ever since.


The leaves of this plant have been used as a tea by the Khoisan people for hundreds of years. Today, scientific studies have confirmed its health and skin benefits.


The oil is made of "eucalyptol," which mostly contains terpene and a cymene, organic aromatic compounds. The most common eucalyptus tree, the Eucalyptus globulus "Labill," has leaves filled with 70 percent oil. The oils are used for aromatherapy, massage oils and calming agents.



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