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When Rain began, creating soap was our main focus and today our soaps are still our star products. 

We are extremely proud of our natural soaps. It is made by hand from the finest extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, palm butter and coconut oils. The olive oil we use is the same you would drizzle over your salads or make delicious healthy meals with!

Olive oil has so many beneficial properties which made it the natural choice to form the base of our soap. You can use it to remove eye makeup, soothe flaky lips, give your hair a glossy, shiny appearance, soothe stretch marks and even works as a cracked heel remedy!

Despite its minimal lather, olive oil soap gives a very clean and buttery feel, providing a deep moisturising effect that lasts longer. Perfect for people with very dry and sensitive skin. 

We added African botanicals giving our soaps unique characteristics and properties. Choose between Boabab & Wild Olive, Kalahari Melon, Wild gum or Mongongo nut, to name a few. Find your favourite here.

No matter what your preference - vegan or vegetarian - our soaps are for you!

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